TwistingTruth is a journaling Bible study about Things They Never Told Me in Sunday School. I will be the first to admit that this blog can come off as very negative, but this is a venture that was undertaken largely because very few people in the church wanted to deal with these issues.

The short Table of Contents:

2012 — beginning a series on How Child Protective Services (CPS) opposes the Teachings of Christ.  I am studying this because too many people have patronized me and dismissed me as overreacting. They believe CPS is “basically good” but made a “few errors.”

2011, summer and fall — What Jesus said about Hell. I studied this because I wanted to find out what the future holds for the liars.

2010 — Liars and their Lies. I studied this because both DFCS (Division of Family and Children Services) and sheriff’s department officials knowingly gave false witness as part of their paid employment and even under oath.

It is not that I enjoy spending hours seeking negativity; it is that they never taught this stuff in Sunday school.


One of news stories of the past week was about a rodeo clown who wore an Obama mask as part of his gig. Considering the rich history of political satire that has always been a part of American culture, one would think this was not such a big deal. For three nights, the crowds cheered and life was set to continue on. But then Perry Beam posted his embarrassment on Facebook about how bull-chasing in effigy made Americans look bad to his Taiwanese exchange student, and someone gave him a microphone. Suddenly, what is essentially a free speech and political satire issue became falsely charged as RACIST! Resignations ensued, the clown has been banned from the venue for life, the Lt. Governor got air time, and the bull hit the mainstream media’s fans.
There is silence from the normally glib White House. Coupled with last year’s “Trayvon could have been my son,” rhetoric, it is now clear to anyone with half a brain that Obama relishes it when people use race as a distraction. Exploiting his ethnicity is one of the few things he does well. Whereas a leader of good character would have wanted to discard the race card as quickly as possible, Obama has chosen to leave it in play. And THAT is how all this relates back to Benghazi.
If Benghazi is a phony scandal, as proved by no one being fired; if Fast and Furious was a phony scandal, as proved by AG Holder retaining his job; if the IRS targeting was a tiny incident contained in Cincinnati, as proved by Lois Learner’s continued collection of pay while on administrative leave; if the deaths of SEAL Team 6 and others is not a scandal, as proved by no reprimand when Biden painted a target on them; then surely the rodeo incident is a REAL SCANDAL because people are losing jobs. That is how the logic works. Isn’t it? At least that is how the racism exploiter Obama rationalized it.
You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of the rodeo clown’s eye. (Paraphrased from Matthew 7:5)
It is the real scandals the President dismisses as phony, not racism, that are the reasons the crowd cheered. The cure is not to restrict the First Amendment Right to Free Speech. The cure is to stop doing scandalous things.

Two hundred and thirty-seven years ago, a few good men made the irrevocable decision to overthrow the tyrannical king from his authority on American soil. Declaration of Indp Comm That is how it started. This Fourth of July I am hearing a lot more chatter about whether it is now time for the overthrow of another tyrant.
Taking a cue from and quoting the Declaration of Independence, “a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them.” It is a good idea to make a list and put it in writing. The Declaration of Independence listed over two dozen impelling causes.

This then, is my first Declaration of an Impelling Cause: Bad company corrupts.

I will begin by listing those persons with whom the President has chosen to surround himself. One can tell a lot about a tyrant by looking at his advisors.

Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, mastermind of the infamous Solyndra scandal, awarded 80% of the 20.5 Billion guaranteed “green energy” funding to Obama’s financial backers. Here is the dumbed down version for those of you who find politics boring: Hey, give me a lot of money, and when I win I will pay you back with what we collect from the taxpayers.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, whom William Safire once called a “congenital liar,” (and not without reason,) has since mismanaged security in Benghazi and took a “what difference does it make” attitude. It is hard to know exactly what she was thinking, but she seems to have both armed and destabilized the Mideast. Perhaps Vince Foster could have explained how she thinks, but then, oh yeah, mysteriously he is dead.

Secretary of State, John Kerry — I’m sorry, I am having a hard time getting past his Vietnam-era persona. I figured that since he is one of Obama’s cabinet members who has an important place in world affairs, I really ought to find out more about his current actions. My search results turned up this: “Kerry waits out Egyptian crisis on private yacht.” This might actually be an improvement over Hillary; at least he is not sending women’s rights in the Mideast backwards in time.

UN Ambassador “it was the YouTube that did it” Susan Rice, has now been promoted to national security advisor. In between then and now, she had to withdraw from consideration for Secretary of State. My gut tells me there is more to the story, but I certainly do not have the know-how or the contacts to pursue it. The part that is evident is that Ms. Rice is willing to tell and defend the most cockamamie of lies.

Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, who was found guilty of violating the Hatch Act, used her official position to campaign, gave an “Oops!” excuse, and went on like it was nothing.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano, who has overseen a department riddled with sex scandals, also has an issue with bullets. When questioned about the purchase, she repeatedly stonewalled Congress before coming up with the excuse that it is cheaper to buy in bulk. No one really seems to know how much bulk that is. Estimates start with a low of 250 million rounds for “actual operations” in one year and go to a high in excess of 6 billion for “stockpiling” since she has been in office. Whatever the actual number, it was great enough to cause shortages at sporting goods stores across the nation. It is worth noting that most were hollow points that cost nearly twice as much as regular bullets, which raises questions about her “need to be cost-effective” explanation. She has yet to give an honest explanation about why she wants so many of them.

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan’s ‘technically criminal’ list pales in comparison with some other cabinet members, although it is not hard to find allegations of pressuring teachers to change grades to “help” get the children of VIPs into the right prep school. His greater crime is his rabid support of Common Core. Ten days ago, the Washington Post reported that he was now telling reporters what to say in their stories. Sold as voluntary, “coerced” is the more accurate word for this program that got both its seed-money and it philosophical point of view (i.e. globalist) from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. To get federal money, states had to agree to Common Core standards without first being able to read the final version—does that sound like Obamacare, or what?
By 2015, all Title I funding will be linked to using Common Core. States may add up to 15% supplemental curriculum, but may not subtract any. It is realistic to presume that once it is fully implemented, the curriculum will be updated to reflect “new knowledge.” The curriculum is copyrighted by private organizations that do not answer to either parents or elected school boards.

Attorney General Eric Holder’s sins, in no particular order, run the gamut across Fast and Furious gun-running, profiting from abortions, drug trafficking, cronyism, persecution of homeschoolers, a citation for contempt of Congress, hypocrisy, and implementing policies that resulted in murder. Perhaps most telling of all is that last year the President invoked executive privilege to prevent the release of documents that would most likely have proven they both have blood on their hands. So for now. the hard proof is reduced to the level of educated guesses.

The president likes to surround himself with people who can get away with outrageous atrocities.

In this video clip of Obama in Turkey, he stumbles through a speech that could make an ostrich proud.


It is no secret that at heart, Barack Obama’s allegiance is more Global than American. Given that fact, I don’t know who the President thinks he is fooling when he mixes religion and politics. Maybe it is because of his early training that he has such a difficult time getting his head around the facts. Happily, the President now fools very few people when he mixes his religion and politics. It is ludicrous to run around using the term “Christian” the way he does, and all thinking Americans are smart enough to figure that out. Real Americans generally do not mix religion and politics the way Obama does.

By “affiliation” (which is the only real way to view religion politically, since no one can accurately judge an individual’s heart) we are indeed a Christian nation.

Evangelical Protestant Churches – 26.3%
Mainline Protestant Churches – 18.1%
Catholic 23.9%
Historically Black Churches – 6.9%
Mormon – 1.7%
Jehovah’s Witness – 0.7%
Other self-identified (chiefly metaphysical) – 0.3%

Total percentage of US adults who would claim a “Christian affiliation” is 77.9%

Unaffiliated – 16.1%
Jewish – 1.7%
Buddhist – 0.7%
Muslim – 0.6%
Hindu, Unitarian, New Age, and Native American are equal to or all less than 0.4% each.

Obama could claim that we are politically secular, because there are truly aggressive attempts made to separate church and state, but to deny the nation’s Christian affiliation is the ostrich’s approach—head in the sand. ostrich

Also worth noting is that the Muslim percentage was not broken down into categories the way Christian affiliation was. This has the potential to be misleading. Islam is not homogenous. There are Sunnis and there are Shiites. There are tensions, major tensions, between the two groups. Again, the President seems to play ostrich about this when it comes to his domestic policy. So when, as he did this past week, he travels to Ireland and makes a speech that calls their parochial schools as much an obstacle to peace as racial segregation, he portrays himself as a hypocritical, propagandizing fool.

When Americans follow the leader and put their heads in the sand too… well, think about what is left on display.

Source: The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life. All statistics retrieved from http://religions.pewforum.org/affiliations

Dear Speaker Boehner:

You called him a traitor, but if YOU had been doing your job, sir, Edward Snowden would not have felt compelled to expose the warrantless surveillance and data-mining.

It has been reported that the NSA is downloading 1 trillion communications on the Internet per month.

Let me tell you what a TRILLION is:
A million seconds is just under 12 days. A billion seconds is 31 years. A trillion seconds is 31,688 years.

How can you possibly think NSA’s actions are Constitutional?

Let me tell you what the Constitution says:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

We learned that the NSA is systematically monitoring the Internet posts and telephone conversations of U.S. citizens.

Your defense of this spying was that 9 out of 10 people in the briefing room were lawyers. ARE YOU STONED? Having to have even ONE lawyer in the room ought to be a BIG warning sign that something may be sketchy. Ninety percent is Red Alert!

Your job is NOT to “work together” to destroy America. It is NOT your job to do the apologetics for a President who has no fear of God. YOUR job is to be the CHECK and the BALANCE. You are supposed to be calling for an investigation of the Benghazi lies and asking for resignations. Your job is to question the three Generals and an Admiral who were fired by Obama in the wake of it all. Your job is to demand that the IRS is fully vetted. Your job is to shred the funding of Obamacare. Your job is to support a pro-job tax system. Your job is to open a serious look at the many, many questions about Obama’s passport, social security number, selective service papers, school funding, and birth certificate and end that scandal with a fully transparent Congressional Investigation. Your job is to strengthen America, not dilute it by refusing to guard her border and deport criminals.
But instead, your knuckle-dragging, kowtowing, Republican leadership has aided and abetted the destruction of any responsible representation of the people in American government.

The real traitor is the person you see in the mirror, not Edward Snowden.

Swan Songs


This past week, Michael Savage, the Savage of the “Savage Nation” radio show, published a poem on his website.

The teflon swan

The teflon swan spoke. The right-wing fever broke.

Scandals come and scandals go. The vandals sail through the gates.

“Too smooth, too cool to be guilty,” say the ducks as the swan swam on.


Savage’s on-air comments made it very clear that the swan is President Obama. After overcoming my shock that such a progressive swan could even have a right wing, (I’d assumed it had been amputated at Columbia, along with the rest of his records,) I rebelled against Savage’s portrayal of cygnus behaviors. “Too cool” is a description that is for the birds; it is as bad as my intended pun. I have responded with a poem of my own—

Swans do not make silky speeches.

They are Loud. Aggressive. Trumpeters.

Trumpeting and Neck-bobbing,

they establish their territory;

Intolerant of competition in their nesting area,

they will kill.

Observed an interval apart,

they convey a sense of peace, an exotic beauty.

Swan sham! It is a ruse.

Affronted, their wings beat a flurry of crosswinds.

Pecking, preying, flapping, fighting

they out-compete the native birds.

Although young cygnets begin life fairly low on the food chain, once the swans mature to flight stage they survive most natural predators. It is not because they are smooth, cool, or admired, however. It is because when they are offended, they flap their wings to make themselves look larger. They peck and bite, their long necks giving them the advantage of extended reach. Swans are such defensive fighters that many golf courses will buy a pair of swans for their water hazards simply to help keep the Canadian geese away.
Perhaps Dr. Savage was showing how those who heard the speeches were so mesmerized they’d ‘duck’ their duty. That is a possibility. But I am inclined to believe the swan swims on because of intimidation most fowl.

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In a statement about the tyranny of the Internal Revenue Service, Obama declared that “Americans have a right to be angry about it, and I’m angry about it.”


This is BIG NEWS. The head of the Executive Branch has announced that there is a Right to be Angry.  Will someone please let me know where this is codified? The Federal Government usually uses the Commerce Clause of the Constitution to justify rights that were not previously enumerated, so does this mean that my right to be angry applies only to someone across the state line?


Will someone please tell me if this is a natural right or a fundamental right? Apparently not all rights are equal rights, and I am struggling to understand how the right to be angry could be politically correct. Yet, simple deductive logic would show it must be a PC right because none other than Mr. Obama himself has said so.


I am glad to see the President is exercising his right to anger. This will go a long way in modifying the stodgy old mores of society.  Not that long ago, only radical groups and inner city gangs routinely displayed anger in public. I am sure that with the President’s endorsement of such a powerful emotion, the Untied States will flourish. (BTW, there is no spelling error in that last sentence.) Soon, folks everywhere will be angrier than ever before.


In the past, many people bad-mouthed the God of the Old Testament for using lightning, thundering, earthquakes, plagues, and other displays of anger.  At long last, the President is ruling with a rod of irony.

The Washoe County Social Services Department, Nevada, wants to (a) murder a baby, (b) impose additional psychological distress on a mentally challenged woman, (c) interfere with a court-approved adult guardianship, and (d) defy the American right to the pursuit of happiness by obstructing all opportunity for providing a child to an adoptive couple. They want a judge to force a 32-year-old woman to have an abortion against her wishes.

What would you call someone who claims that woman ought to have the right to decide about her own body parts without the government telling her what to do, and then turns around and tries to get a judge to order an abortion? I would call her a REPROBATE!

Prenatal protocol for high-risk pregnancies is being followed, and there is a waiting list of couples who want to adopt. Social Services has its panties in a wad because the baby was exposed to anti-epileptic medication. They have absolutely no proof that the baby has been harmed—only suspicions. They are wasting resources and causing problems where no problem that they are qualified to solve even existed.

Whoever the person was that decided to stick her nose into this family’s private business ought to have her nose cut off. That appendage is only a tiny fraction of the body parts she wants to remove from the baby.

Grab your barf bag and then read the story here: LifeNews.com