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Any good archetypal analysis includes identifying the CONFLICT. Without the wolf, Little Red Riding Hood’s adventure would be little more than just another delivery to granny’s house. Conflict makes it a story.

The five (or maybe six) Archetypal Conflicts are pretty simple to grasp. Sometimes I think that at the university level there is a tendency to get bogged down in literary analysis, however, these five (or maybe six) categories are worth pointing out because they not only help a reader make sense of a story, they can also help an aspiring writer stay on track.

1. Man against himself.

2. Man against man.

3. Man against society, or a group of men.

4. Man against the physical universe. (nature, time, distance)

5. Man against the spiritual universe. (fate)

6. Man against God. (Sometimes this is lumped in with #5.)

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