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The Washoe County Social Services Department, Nevada, wants to (a) murder a baby, (b) impose additional psychological distress on a mentally challenged woman, (c) interfere with a court-approved adult guardianship, and (d) defy the American right to the pursuit of happiness by obstructing all opportunity for providing a child to an adoptive couple. They want a judge to force a 32-year-old woman to have an abortion against her wishes.

What would you call someone who claims that woman ought to have the right to decide about her own body parts without the government telling her what to do, and then turns around and tries to get a judge to order an abortion? I would call her a REPROBATE!

Prenatal protocol for high-risk pregnancies is being followed, and there is a waiting list of couples who want to adopt. Social Services has its panties in a wad because the baby was exposed to anti-epileptic medication. They have absolutely no proof that the baby has been harmed—only suspicions. They are wasting resources and causing problems where no problem that they are qualified to solve even existed.

Whoever the person was that decided to stick her nose into this family’s private business ought to have her nose cut off. That appendage is only a tiny fraction of the body parts she wants to remove from the baby.

Grab your barf bag and then read the story here: LifeNews.com

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[[[ Part 1 of the series on How Child Protective Services opposes the Teachings of Christ ]]]

From that time Jesus began to preach and say, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”
Matthew 4:17

When I first opened my red-letter Bible to begin this study, I was struck by the order of Jesus’ words. Never before had I tried reading only the “red words.”  I saw that as one begins reading through the New Testament, Jesus first has to tell John the Immerser that his baptizing Jesus was a “fitting for us to fulfill all righteousness.” (Matthew 3:15) The point: Even John, (of whom Jesus says in Matthew 11:11, “Truly I say to you, among those born of women there has not arisen anyone greater than John the Baptist!”) had to adjust his view of what he considered right. As I have done in my previous investigations, I will let the scripture speak for itself, but hold this thought for the end of today’s article.

The next recorded words that Jesus spoke were three quotations from the Old Testament. This occurred during the time that He was being harassed and baited by the devil. Keeping up harassment when confronted with truth is a character trait of CPS.

The first real teaching that we have a record of in this Gospel is, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” CPS does not follow this teaching. Unlike John the Immerser who was quick to change his attitude to permit righteousness as soon as Jesus explained it to him, CPS does not behave that way. When they do not find what they were first looking for, they do not ask forgiveness for believing slander.  They will look for something else. This is the behavior pattern of the devil.

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