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Two hundred and thirty-seven years ago, a few good men made the irrevocable decision to overthrow the tyrannical king from his authority on American soil. Declaration of Indp Comm That is how it started. This Fourth of July I am hearing a lot more chatter about whether it is now time for the overthrow of another tyrant.
Taking a cue from and quoting the Declaration of Independence, “a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them.” It is a good idea to make a list and put it in writing. The Declaration of Independence listed over two dozen impelling causes.

This then, is my first Declaration of an Impelling Cause: Bad company corrupts.

I will begin by listing those persons with whom the President has chosen to surround himself. One can tell a lot about a tyrant by looking at his advisors.

Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, mastermind of the infamous Solyndra scandal, awarded 80% of the 20.5 Billion guaranteed “green energy” funding to Obama’s financial backers. Here is the dumbed down version for those of you who find politics boring: Hey, give me a lot of money, and when I win I will pay you back with what we collect from the taxpayers.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, whom William Safire once called a “congenital liar,” (and not without reason,) has since mismanaged security in Benghazi and took a “what difference does it make” attitude. It is hard to know exactly what she was thinking, but she seems to have both armed and destabilized the Mideast. Perhaps Vince Foster could have explained how she thinks, but then, oh yeah, mysteriously he is dead.

Secretary of State, John Kerry — I’m sorry, I am having a hard time getting past his Vietnam-era persona. I figured that since he is one of Obama’s cabinet members who has an important place in world affairs, I really ought to find out more about his current actions. My search results turned up this: “Kerry waits out Egyptian crisis on private yacht.” This might actually be an improvement over Hillary; at least he is not sending women’s rights in the Mideast backwards in time.

UN Ambassador “it was the YouTube that did it” Susan Rice, has now been promoted to national security advisor. In between then and now, she had to withdraw from consideration for Secretary of State. My gut tells me there is more to the story, but I certainly do not have the know-how or the contacts to pursue it. The part that is evident is that Ms. Rice is willing to tell and defend the most cockamamie of lies.

Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, who was found guilty of violating the Hatch Act, used her official position to campaign, gave an “Oops!” excuse, and went on like it was nothing.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano, who has overseen a department riddled with sex scandals, also has an issue with bullets. When questioned about the purchase, she repeatedly stonewalled Congress before coming up with the excuse that it is cheaper to buy in bulk. No one really seems to know how much bulk that is. Estimates start with a low of 250 million rounds for “actual operations” in one year and go to a high in excess of 6 billion for “stockpiling” since she has been in office. Whatever the actual number, it was great enough to cause shortages at sporting goods stores across the nation. It is worth noting that most were hollow points that cost nearly twice as much as regular bullets, which raises questions about her “need to be cost-effective” explanation. She has yet to give an honest explanation about why she wants so many of them.

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan’s ‘technically criminal’ list pales in comparison with some other cabinet members, although it is not hard to find allegations of pressuring teachers to change grades to “help” get the children of VIPs into the right prep school. His greater crime is his rabid support of Common Core. Ten days ago, the Washington Post reported that he was now telling reporters what to say in their stories. Sold as voluntary, “coerced” is the more accurate word for this program that got both its seed-money and it philosophical point of view (i.e. globalist) from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. To get federal money, states had to agree to Common Core standards without first being able to read the final version—does that sound like Obamacare, or what?
By 2015, all Title I funding will be linked to using Common Core. States may add up to 15% supplemental curriculum, but may not subtract any. It is realistic to presume that once it is fully implemented, the curriculum will be updated to reflect “new knowledge.” The curriculum is copyrighted by private organizations that do not answer to either parents or elected school boards.

Attorney General Eric Holder’s sins, in no particular order, run the gamut across Fast and Furious gun-running, profiting from abortions, drug trafficking, cronyism, persecution of homeschoolers, a citation for contempt of Congress, hypocrisy, and implementing policies that resulted in murder. Perhaps most telling of all is that last year the President invoked executive privilege to prevent the release of documents that would most likely have proven they both have blood on their hands. So for now. the hard proof is reduced to the level of educated guesses.

The president likes to surround himself with people who can get away with outrageous atrocities.

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